Benazir Kafaalat New Banking System Introduced For Beneficiaries

Benazir Kafaalat New Banking System Introduced For Beneficiaries

The Benazir Kafaalat program has introduced a new banking system to improve the mechanism of cash distribution without any unnecessary reduction in amount. The government of Pakistan once again has taken a huge step to change all the beneficiaries transactions into their bank account. The basic purpose of introducing a banking system for withdrawal payment is to make sure the payment is successfully transferred to the registered member of the BISP program without any extra deduction.

As per the news report, the step of converting all beneficiaries account into banking systems is officially announced. A few months later, every registered member would receive their payment from a bank or ATM machine.

As we know initially 2 banks were used in the cluster, but now the Benazir Income Support Programme has increased the number of banks up to 8, including dividing the 15 clusters throughout Pakistan.

The revolutionary step was taken due to the multiple reports receiving unnecessary deductions during the cash distribution. The government of Pakistan has now changed the whole mechanism of other cash distribution systems and introduced a banking channel to provide payment to the beneficiaries in a flawless way.

In the first phase, the BISP requests the beneficiaries to provide the bank account numbers to make a successful transaction. All those individuals and families who succeed in providing the bank details and change their transaction source then, in the upcoming future, their payment confirmation SMS will be received from the bank also for a successful transaction.

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Initially, there was a big problem due to the limited number of banks that are entitled to BISP transactions. Due to this, the beneficiaries cannot convert their account withdrawal method because of the unavailability of the concerned banks near their house.

Now, the Benazir Kafalaat Program has taken this initiative to extend the capabilities by introducing a new banking cluster for the transfer of BISP registered members’ new payments.

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