BISP Asaan Rashan on Ramadan 2024 Apply Online

BISP Asaan Rashan on Ramadan 2024 Apply Online

The government of Pakistan has published officially an another announcement regarding the BISP asaan rashan package facility on Ramadan 2024. All the BISP program beneficiaries can now avail the benefits from this amazing scheme and if you are not a registered member then you can also apply because of more budget has been allocated. As we know that the election 2024 balloting process and seats confirmation has been completed but still not emerged any government body structure. So, in that situation, the caretaker government of Pakistan has announced the Ramzan relief package for especially the BISP registered members throughout Pakistan.

As per new media reports, the Government of Pakistan has announced publicly that this Ramadan all the beneficiaries will get the facility of discounted rashan from all the utility stores. The government is providing a subsidy on 14 main items that are commonly used at every house. The main purpose to announce this scheme is to enhance the ability of buying to the poor and underprivilege community.

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Today, everyone should be prepare for standing in the queue of Utility store because the government of Pakistan has circulated the news about discounted BISP rashan facility at all the districts of Pakistan. You can buy the limited amount of items because of the fixed capacity for one person and one house formula.

BISP Rashan Registration on Ramadan:

All the BISP members of Pakistan are informed another good news regarding the best bachat package on daily used items buying from any utility store countrywide. You can visit at any utility store during working timing and get a special relief on the 14 main list of items. All the items selected are based on daily used in our kitchen.

Are you ready to receive the BISP bachat offer will be active on the first day of Ramadan 2024. Everyone who is thinking about the BISP rashan registration then they are informed that there is no need to registration because the BISP members are request to show their card at the time of reaching at reception.

BISP Ramadan Rashan Program Eligibility:

There is a simple criteria for the BISP registration and then you can receive multiple benefits on one ticket. You just focus on the registration of a BISP program then you don’t need to get any specific registration any other affiliated programs.

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There are the following eligibility criteria for BISP Rashan program;

  • Poverty score should be in acceptable graph
  • Attestation of House rental certificate
  • Utility bills less than 2000 Rupees
  • Rashan facility includes kitchen based items only
  • Rashan is only available on Utility stores
  • One person can get a limited rashan
  • Rashan per day fixed quantity

If you are just reading this update then you will be informed to collect your subsidized rashan on early basis.

BISP Rashan Registration on Ramadan

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