BISP Check 8500 Immediately To Withdraw Cash Today 2024

BISP Check 8500 Immediately To Withdraw Cash Today 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program with the cooperation of the government of Pakistan has distributed latest BISP cash payment of Rs. 8500 in the beneficiaries account. If you are registered as a beneficiary in the last year then you upcoming cash amount has been transferred into your bank account to withdraw cash immediately.

As per the latest news update, all the registered members of Benazir Income Support Program are informed to collect your previous payment which is around 8500 rupees from Bank account or any Benazir tehsil office.

It is informed to every single registered member that you previous month installment has been added into your bank account or on your Identity card. You can check your balance by visiting at ATM machine.

As we already knows that, the government of Pakistan has increased the BISP program cash payment from 8500 to 10,500 per month which would be applicable from March 2024.

If you are eligible from the last year’s month January and you were successfully receiving the cash payment but you did not received your last payment only which is 8500 rupees then what would you do it to receive back at your account.

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 All the registered members should visit their bank or tehsil office to confirm the balance in their bank account. If the government has transferred money then they should withdraw it save for more profit.

If you are still reading this news and did not get the registration then visit immediately at BISP tehsil office to conduct your dynamic survey through which your eligibility will be assessed otherwise, you can open the BISP web-portal to confirm your eligibility while sitting at home.

You can also participate in the BISP 8500 program just after the ensuring of your eligibility which takes few time to complete. IF you have any query regarding your personnel issue then you can discuss it via BISP call center helpline number to record your recent complaint which would be resolve within an hour.

BISP Check 8500 Immediately To Withdraw

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