BISP Introduces New Cash Transfer System 2024

BISP Introduces New Cash Transfer System 2024

Dr. Mohammad Amjad Saqib, Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), and Director General Naveed Akbar recently met and talked about how to improve cash transfer services for families who deserve them and are getting help from the programme. This step basically want to imporve the plans and strategies that have been made to make the BISP system work better and help its recipients more.

During the meeting, a number of problems with the BISP system were brought up.

  • There are 17,000 BISP offices, but not enough registered women to go to all of them. This causes problems with getting things done and making things too crowded.
  • As things stand, the current registration process takes a lot of paperwork, which makes it harder for beneficiaries to get financial help.
  • With about 1 crore women registered, the demand for BISP services often exceeds the system’s ability to meet it, which causes recipients to have to wait and get frustrated.

Benazir Program New Cash Transfer System 2024 Introduced

The following ideas have been put forward to deal with these problems and make the BISP Cash system work better:

Introduce New Cash Transfer System:

A new cash transfer mechanism that minimises red tape and expedites procedures is being introduced by BISP. With the least amount of paperwork needed, this system should make it easier for recipients to receive financial aid.

BISP Increase Branches Mechanism:

There will be efforts to open more BISP branches so that they can better serve the growing number of users. New branches will be opened in rural areas that aren’t well served to make it easier for people in remote places to get to the bank.

Mobile apps and SMS services are examples of new technologies that are being used to make it easier to get in touch and provide services. Set up biometric authentication systems to stop scams and make it safer to share money.

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The proposed new cash transfer method is a big step towards making Pakistan’s social welfare programmes much better. By using new ideas and technology, BISP hopes to set new standards for providing services that are both efficient and open to everyone.

BISP wants to make things easier and faster by putting in place a new cash transfer method. Some strategies for making things easier to get and better service delivery are expanding branch networks and combining different types of technology. BISP is committed to changing the way social aid programmes work in Pakistan, as shown by their use of modern ideas.

What is BISP’s new cash transfer system?

BISP is reworking its cash transfer system to make things easier for people who need help and make it easier for them to get money.

How will the new system benefit beneficiaries?

The new system is meant to make it easier for people and families who are eligible to get financial aid to get it faster by reducing the amount of paperwork that needs to be filled out.

Will the expansion of branch networks improve service delivery?

Yes, by establishing more branches, BISP aims to reach underserved areas and provide better assistance to beneficiaries, especially those in remote regions.

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What role will technology play in the new system?

Technology will enable smoother communication, faster processing of applications, and enhanced security measures such as biometric authentication to prevent fraud.

When can beneficiaries expect to experience the changes?

While specific timelines may vary, BISP is committed to implementing the new system as efficiently as possible to benefit beneficiaries in the near future.


Improving the BISP system is very important to make sure that families who need help get it on time and in the right amount. BISP wants to solve its problems and provide better services to its beneficiaries by putting in place a new cash transfer system and other long-term plans like opening more branches and combining different types of technology.

Benazir Program New Cash Transfer System 2024 Introduced

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