BISP Registration Tracking Portal From CNIC Confirmation 2024

BISP Registration Tracking Portal From CNIC Confirmation 2024

If you want to understand one thing which is very important that your registration confirmation SMS always delivered to you by a confirmed source. If you receive any formal sms from any mobile number then it definitely an attempt from any fraud or miscreants sources. You are always advised from different manners that your money is sent without any charges or fee submission. If someone try to cheat you and ask you to send money then you will please don’t send your cash amount to that specific person number.

As per the new media reports, the Benazir Income Support Program is always sharing the content which provide you know ledge and tips to protect yourself from deceivers. They are always active to cheat anybody through sending an SMs in which they confirm your registration.

The government of Pakistan has strictly advised everyone who is registered or whoever want to be register follow the guidelines which can surely safe you from these fake people.

Correct Identification of BISP Registration Portal SMS:

If you receive any SMS rather than 8171, in which they claim about your registration confirmation but ask you to send some money to verify your account or for processing of your money then you please don’t indulge yourself in such type of hypocrisy.

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The government of Pakistan, BISP department never send you any SMS rather than it original sources which are 8171 and 0800-26477. If you receives any sms other than these contact numbers then simply ignore or blocks these numbers. You can also lodge a complaint against these people.

How To Identify BISP Registration Confirmation:

The government of Pakistan claims that there is no message or direct call to any person who have any discrepancy and they will solve it on the basis of any fee or charges. The wrong method have been adopt from the fraudster people who always think to deceives common people in Pakistan.

The Benazir Program always call to you at its BISP tehsil office to complete your survey including the requisite documents. If you cannot provide the B-Form and Original  CNIC card then you cannot complete your dynamic survey.

How To Protect Yourself From BISP Scammers:

It became a very common issue that some call you and ask you to send money for final approval of BISP cash amount. If you receive any such call or SMS then protect yourself from this scammer and block the number.

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You can also record a complaint against any fake caller through the BISP call center helpline number which is available 24 hours service. When you will lodge a complaint then government will take a serious action against the scammer.

Correct Identification of BISP Registration Portal SMS

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