BISP Scholarship Cancels on School Change 2024 Update

BISP Scholarship Cancels on School Change 2024 Update

Everyone who is the beneficiary of BISP program is also receiving the amount of scholarships for their children including the financial assistance package, are informed about the latest announcement. The government of Pakistan has announced that if you will change the school, college or university of your children then your children BISP scholarship will be cancelled.

All those registered members whose children scholarship have been stopped are requested to visit your nearest BISP tehsil office for updation of scholarships database including B-form and School registration certificate.

As per latest news report, the Benazir Income Support Program would cancel the scholarship of those children whose school will be changed without any intimation. If you want to change your child school then you need to visit the nearest BISP khidmat center and update the beneficiary’s scholarship database.

The government of Pakistan is providing full fledge scholarship facility to those beneficiaries of BISP program who are already entitled but not receiving the taleemi wazaif scholarships.

You are also informed that the Benazir support program has disbursed the payment of Rs. 17500 to each member of BISP kafalat. You can collect your payment from nearest tehsil office. If you have a bank account then you have to wait until 15th February 2024.

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As we already knows that the government is restarting the cash withdrawal facility from bank ATM machine. If you want to receive cash payment before the 15th Feb then you need to get cash payment from any nearest tehsil office.

When you will visit the BISP tehsil office then your CNIC card will ask to verify. If you are verified then your cash amount will be handed over including the transaction slip.

If you will experience any unnecessary reduction in the BISP amount then you can record your complaint against the cashier or you can dial BISP call center helpline number to lodge a proper complaint.

BISP Scholarship Cancels

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