BISP Scholarships Increases with New Markup 2024

BISP Scholarships Increases with New Markup 2024

The Government of Pakistan has also increased the BISP Scholarships with the new markup after increment of Rs. 500  on each category. The decision is taken to overcome the burden of educational expenses on those BISP beneficiaries who cannot support their children in the curriculum activities. Now, all Benazir Kafalat members would be capable to receive more benefits including the scholarship amount to help their children in getting education.

As per the latest news report, the BISP Pakistan has increase the scholarship amount which would be applicable from March 2024. The augmented scholarship amount will be delivered to any single individual in the addition of their BISP Kafala cash payment.

Now, the girls students who are studying in Primary schools would receive Rs. 2500, students of Secondary schools receive Rs. 3500 and girls of higher secondary schools would receive the stipend of Rs. 4500. After the completion of girls students in Primary session, they would be awarded the extra bonus of Rs. 3000 each.

Now, the stipend of boys also increased likewise, primary schools student would receive Rs. 2000, Secondary schools student gets Rs. 3000 and Higher secondary students would receive Rs. 4000 after every month.

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The BISP department has taken this decision after the prior approval from the government of Pakistan. The government also emphasizes to broaden the financial support scheme to every single person living in Pakistan due to their financial or poverty grading.

If your child is also studying in the government school then you can also receive this scholarship. You only need to visit your nearest BISP tehsil office to confirm your eligibility by providing the school certificate of your children.

All the concerned beneficiaries who are already receiving the cash amount for Scholarship which is now augmented with new markup for all the categories of students. You payments would be handed over after the start of March 2024.

BISP Scholarships Increase

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