BISP Utility Store Subsidy Program For Ineligible Beneficiaries

BISP Utility Store Subsidy Program For Ineligible Beneficiaries

Everyone who is facing a problem of ineligibility for the BISP utility store subsidy program is informed to don’t worry more because the government of Pakistan is thinking about solving your problems. As we know, the current situation is very bad for those people who have lost their registration due to dropping from the list of PMT scores. The government has already given relaxation to the PMT score criteria. You can also get validated if your poverty score has increased from the level of acceptance to 32 points.

How To Enroll For BISP Utility Store Subsidy List 2024:

You are no doubt facing a very hard issue of ineligibility for the BISP program, which is directly associated with the Rashan subsidy program, so everyone is thinking that they will be ignored if they lose their PMT criteria. You are informed of the good news that no one will be rejected for the utility rashan program because the government has relaxed the criteria for selection.

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The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Shehbaz Sharif, is already focusing on the facility for providing reashan facilities from all the utility stores that are directly working under the government of Pakistan’s instructions.

Eligibility Criteria For BISP Utility Store Rashan:

The BISP utility store subsidy will always be active for all the beneficiaries of the BISP Kafaalat program who have recently enrolled. The government is working on the vision of the PM relief program, which aims to run every poor person’s kitchen to control the current inflation situation. Everybody who is feeling nervous due to listening about the ineligibility of the BISP program is informed to stay connected with it and also get new facilities.

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You can check the latest prices of rashan online from the Utility Store website, where you can easily find out the new price list of items. The government of Pakistan has currently decreased the prices of Aata (Floor) and Cheeni (Sugar) in all the utility stores.


You can simply understand that the government will provide a BISP utility store subsidy to everyone who has been registered for the Benazir Income Support Program. So, you are requested to aviod negative thinking, which can lead towards an insecurity. You are advised to visit your city’s nearby utility store, where you can buy all the daily used items at discounted prices, which are especially maintained for BISP program beneficiaries.

How To Enroll For BISP Utility Store Subsidy List 2024:

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