CM Punjab Laptop Scheme 2024 Registration Starts For Students

CM Punjab Laptop Scheme 2024 Registration Starts For Students

The new Chief Minister (CM) Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, once again reiterated the importance of the distribution of the PM Youth Laptop scheme throughout Punjab district to every single student on the basis of merit. She also emphasised the reopening of scholarship facilities for all those students who are taking good marks but cannot continue their studies due to financial problems.

You can enrol in the upcoming CM Youth Scholarships with laptops and iPads, which will be handed over to millions of students. You can complete your registration for a laptop scholarship on the basis of your previous results and parental monthly income.

Laptop Scheme Started Again in Punjab Under Youth Student Program 2024

If you are studying at any level, from school, college, or university, then you can participate in scholarship opportunities, but if you are a student of any university degree, then you can continue your study with the help of a laptop or iPad on the basis of merit. You can register yourself at any time by the proper procedure.

The Laptop Scheme is already running under the name PM Youth Laptop Scheme, but now it will run throughout Punjab with more prompt instructions.

When CM Laptop Scheme would Start in Punjab?

You are informed that the CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif laptop scheme would start with a new phase to deliver around one million laptops throughout Punjab to all the deserving students.

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The laptop scheme will be active in May 2024. All the students who are eligible will be informed through our portal.

Who will be eligible For CM Laptop Scheme 2024?

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria mentioned in the advertisement for Peef Scholarship, then you can be considered eligible for Laptop scheme. The eligibility criteria for CM laptop and Peef are almost the same, and students can get a double benefit.

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If your father is a low-income salaried person, then your registration would be confirmed, and you would be able to receive a laptop in your hands.

How many Students Considered From Any College For Laptop?

There is no confirmed criteria, but a percentage of more than 70% marks would be considered eligible, so you must apply at any cost to fulfil the criteria. There is a big announcement for the Punjab government students who deserve laptops.

Who will receive Laptop or IPad From Peef Scholarship?

All those students who are considered eligible due to fulfilling the criteria, then have the laptop handed over to those students who have a good percentage, and the iPad is handed over to those who meet the second priority criteria. If you have a good percentage, then you would be eligible for a laptop.


The Laptop and iPad Scheme 2024 would be effective from May 2024 and start registration for all the deserving students who belong throughout Punjab. The Punjab government is going to enhance the credibility of PM youth laptop scheme, which is already working phenomenally. The government wants to ensure the implementation of the distribution of laptops among deserving students who need to digitise their way of studying. You can find your registration through Peef.Org.Pk  or

Laptop Scheme Started Again in Punjab Under Youth Student Program 2024

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