Comprehensive Guide Between Ehsaas Nigehban and Himmat Card Registration 2024

Comprehensive Guide Between Ehsaas Nigehban and Himmat Card Registration 2024

The government of Pakistan, through Baitul-Mal, has set up two important financial aid programs called Ehsaas Nigehban Card and Ehsaas Himmat Card. These programs are meant to help special people by giving them money. The government is working to help and improve the lives of disabled people all over the country through these programs.

The Ehsaas Nigehban Card is Baitul-Mal’s most well-known scheme for helping people with money. Its main purpose is to give extra help to registered disabled people who are having a hard time with money issues. Individuals who are qualified for this program get a large amount of money, 12000 rupees. The goal of this help is to make it easier for disabled people to meet their basic needs with respect and independence by easing their financial burden.

In the same way, Baitul-Mal also started the Ehsaas Himmat Card, which is an important help program. The goal of this program is to help special people, especially those with disabilities, get the money they need. People who are qualified for the Ehsaas Himmat Card program get a financial aid package worth 6,000 rupees. Even though the number is less than the Ehsaas Nigehban Card, it is still a very important way for disabled people in Pakistan to get help.

How To Differentiate Ehsaas Nigehban and Ehsaas Himmat Card

Financial Assistance Amount: The primary difference between the two programs lies in the financial assistance amount offered. While the Ehsaas Nigehban Card provides a higher aid package of 12,000 rupees, the Ehsaas Himmat Card offers a slightly lower amount of 6,000 rupees.

Eligibility Criteria: Both programs cater to registered disabled persons. Eligibility is based on the individual’s disability status, as verified and registered by the relevant authorities.

Application Process: Although the programs serve the same target demographic, they have separate application processes. Applicants must follow the specific guidelines outlined for each program to complete the application successfully.

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Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries of both programs are individuals with disabilities who require financial assistance to meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life.

Inclusion in BISP: Neither the Ehsaas Nigehban Card nor the Ehsaas Himmat Card is limited to beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). Both programs aim to support disabled individuals regardless of their affiliation with other government assistance programs.

Are Ehsaas Nigehban Card and Ehsaas Himmat Card the same program?

No, these are two separate aid programs initiated by Baitul-Mal to provide financial assistance to special persons.

How much financial assistance beneficiaries can receive?

Under the Ehsaas Nigehban Card program, beneficiaries receive 12,000 rupees, while under the Ehsaas Himmat Card program, they receive 6,000 rupees.

Can individuals receiving benefits from the BISP cards?

Yes, these programs are not limited to BISP beneficiaries. Special persons who are registered disabled individuals are eligible to apply.

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What is the eligibility criteria for applying online?

To apply for the Ehsaas Nigehban Card or Ehsaas Himmat Card, individuals must be registered as disabled persons.

Is the application process the same for both cards?

Yes, the application process for both the Ehsaas Nigehban Card and Ehsaas Himmat Card is separate but similar.


The Ehsaas Nigehban Card and the Ehsaas Himmat Card are very important for helping crippled people in Pakistan get money and other help. People who are having trouble with their finances because of their disability can get help from these programs, which give them a chance to live a decent and independent life. Baitul-Mal wants to give disabled people more power and support equality and inclusion in society through these projects.

How To Differentiate Ehsaas Nigehban and Ehsaas Himmat Card

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