Punjab Rozgar e-Rickshaw Scheme 2024 Apply Online

Punjab Rozgar e-Rickshaw Scheme 2024 Apply Online

The Punjab Chief Minister has introduced the E-Rickshaw Scheme 2024 in an effort to transform the transportation industry and create jobs. The goal of this project is to provide 25,000 rickshaws to Punjab in order to empower the local economy and raise awareness of environmental issues. Here, we give a summary of the goals, actions, and modes of payment of the scheme as well as the online application process for interested parties to apply for electric rickshaws.

The main objective of the E-Rickshaw Scheme is to provide jobs for the underprivileged while revolutionising Punjab’s transportation system. The government wants to enable people to support themselves financially by giving out 25,000 rickshaws. Furthermore, the programme encourages environmental awareness by presenting electric rickshaws as a sustainable form of transportation.

25000 e-Rickshaw Offers For Jobless People in Punjab

A total of 25,000 rickshaws would be distributed throughout Punjab under the direction of Punjab Transport. In addition to revolutionising the transportation industry, this project offers job chances to individuals. All Punjabi citizens can now easily apply for rickshaws and register in the e-bike programme because of the province’s simplified procedures.

The Punjab Student E-Rickshaw Programme was started by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz in addition to the normal rickshaw distribution programme. The goal of this programme is to assist students in earning a living and advancing their education at the same time.

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Enrolling in the interest-free programme and receiving an electric rickshaw are two benefits of this programme that come with no upfront costs. To guarantee fair distribution, men will be given preference in some areas but not in cities.

E-Rickshaw Installment Plan

Before obtaining an electric rickshaw, people must pay a deposit and then monthly installments. Both the government and the recipients are guaranteed financial stability while using this payment mechanism. Participants can secure ownership of the rickshaw and lessen their financial load by making monthly payments of the remaining monies.

How to Apply Online

Interested individuals can easily apply for the Punjab Rickshaw Scheme online by following a few simple steps. The application process is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all residents of Punjab.

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Upon successful application, applicants will be informed of their eligibility and guided through the process of obtaining their rickshaw.

How to Apply online for the Punjab Rickshaw Scheme 2024?

Those who are interested may apply for the programme online by going to the official website and completing the necessary steps.

What is the eligibility criteria for rickshaw scheme?

The programme may have different eligibility requirements, but in general, anyone living in Punjab who needs work opportunities is thought to be eligible.

What is the payment method for recieving rickshaw?

To ensure that they own the rickshaw, applicants must pay a down payment and then monthly installments after that.

Is there any preference given to Anybody during distribution of rickshaws?

Although in some areas, especially in rural areas, men may be given preference, the plan strives to ensure equitable distribution based on demand and need.

Are there any additional benefits associated with the Punjab Rickshaw Scheme?

Indeed, in addition to the main rickshaw distribution project, there is also the Punjab Student E-Rickshaw project. With the aid of this project, students can continue their education and make a living.

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What is the deadline for the distribution of rickshaws under this scheme?

It is anticipated that the rickshaw distribution will start as soon as the application procedure is over, and those who are accepted will be informed with the precise dates.


A major step towards modernising the transportation industry and giving province citizens access to the economy is the Punjab Rickshaw Scheme. The government wants to enable people to sustain themselves financially and raise awareness of environmental issues by encouraging the usage of electric vehicles by distributing 25,000 rickshaws. Through the streamlining of the application procedure and provision of adaptable payment alternatives, the programme guarantees accessibility and inclusion for every Punjabi citizen.

25000 e-Rickshaw Offers For Jobless People in Punjab

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