Sehat Sahulat Card New Registration 2024 Starts

Sehat Sahulat Card New Registration 2024 Starts

The government of Pakistan once again pro-active in the stance of announcing new features and capabilities of Sehat Sahulat Card new registration 2024. The new registration for sehat card has been officially started countrywide in which first time in history, all the government employees are being including with a yearly deduction of more than 4000 rupees.

As per the latest news report, the government want to enhance the capacity of Sehat sahulat program by including the government servants who are working under the management of Punjab.

If you are a government servant and you wishes to make a sehat card for your self and your family then without time wasting, you can send your CNIC number to the helpline number 8500 and get the reply urgently about your eligibility.

Sehat Sahulat Card provides you the free medical / health facilities without usage of a single penny.  The government has taken a stance to provide free medical to those people who have any disability and he cannot afford to buy medicine or to get treatment.

All the poor people of Pakistan would avail the free health  checkup facility from the government recognized hospitals. If you are financially down and you have no extra money to spend on the medical treatment then government of Pakistan gives you a golden opportunity to make a sehat card to avail all such facilities from your nearest hospital.

If you have Sehat Sahulat card but you don’t know how to get free medical then you need to first find out the list of recommended hospitals which provides free treatment on the said card otherwise, you cannot avail this facility.

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The government of Pakistan had issued the list of selected hospitals where any Sehat card holder can get free medical treatment of self and family. If you are a women especially widow, disabled persons then you will get more preference in achieving the sehat card facility.

The government of Pakistan is already providing sehat sahulat card services all over the country but the expansion of facilities needs to implement more efficiently. You can check your eligilbity for sehat sahulat program by just sending your 13 digits CNIC number to the 8500 via sms and after a brief hiatus you will get the response of your status.

Sehat Sahulat Card New

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