Timor-Leste Delegation Team Visits BISP Pakistan

Timor-Leste Delegation Team Visits BISP Pakistan

If you are a beneficiary of the BISP program, then you are informed that the delegation from Timor-Leste, headed by Ms Veronica Das Dores, Minister of Social Solidarity and Inclusion, conducted a study at Benazir Income Support Programme Headquarters in Islamabad. The delegation representative paid a visit on 24th April 2024, which aims to appreciate the initiative and provide support for the collaboration to strengthen both nations.

Ms Veronica Das Dores shows great concern about the Pakistan Social Protection Program, especially BISP. They applauded the efforts to reduce poverty in the country. The delegation team wants to know more about the BISP initiative and all of its features.

Veronica Das Dores, Timor-Leste Meets BISP Team in Pakistan

During the visit, Timor-Leste representatives meet with the BISP team to exchange conversations about the policies and beneficiaries of this program. They discussed the visions and experiences that can bring more changes to enhance capabilities and learn about different factors.

What is Prime Cause of Timor-Leste Rep Visits in Pakistan?

The delegation ofTimorLeste, teamMs. Veronica DasDores meets withMinister of Social Protection initiative. The motive of the meeting is to learnthe experienceabout the Benazir Income Support Programandincrease the effect of social safety netsand promote infrastructure.

What collaborations will Explore during visits BISP?

The delegation team would discuss the multiple methods to work together, such as sharing knowledge, improving the skills of people, and providing technical knowledge.

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They want to get more knowledge to enhance Timor-Leste’s social safety systems and make them bigger so that they can help more underprivileged groups.


The foreign delegation ofthe Timor-Leste meets with the official team of BISP Headquarters to discuss the social security initiative and improve their infrastructure, andwant to learn and share different phenomena. They know the power of collaboration in sharing information to address socio-economic challenges and improve the lives of beneficiaries. Both countries are making more efforts to improve the mechanism and want better results in future.

Veronica Das Dores, Timor-Leste Meets BISP Team in Pakistan

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