Utility Stores Pakistan Increases Daily Used Items For BISP Beneficiaries

Utility Stores Pakistan Increases Daily Used Items For BISP Beneficiaries

Recently, the news was reoprted that the Utility Stores Pakistan, a key part for many Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Beneficiaries, has increased the prices of a number of important Daily Used items. The sudden rise in prices at Utility Stores would effects directly on the low-paid daily wagers who depend on these stores for their daily needs. We are going to discuss about the situation which would happen in future and how it will affect BISP beneficiaries that are already struggling.

Utility stores have long been an important part of people’s lives, especially those from low-income families. However, recent news reports say that the prices of basic goods at utility shops have gone up by a lot. Food items like flour, sugar, rice, and others are now being sold for a lot more than what they are worth on the market.

BISP Beneficiaries Buy Costly Food Items From Utility Stores in Future

The following food items which have been directly increased the prices which would be very difficult for every single Benazir program beneficiary;

  • Flour: Rs 625.83
  • Sugar: Rs 10.00 rupees
  • Dal Channa: Rs. 7.17
  • Ghee:  Rs. 8.35
  • Rice:  Rs. 9.33
  • Super Basmati Rice: Rs. 6

Why Prices Increased in utility stores?

No one knows why the prices are going up, but it is clear that everyone would face the current inflation but the BISP registrated members and families would really get more disturbance.

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All the daily used food items prices have gone up a lot, making it harder for people who are already having a hard time to buy what they need. It would create more bad days which had faced in the past.

How to compare prices at Utility Stores and other Shops?

When compared to market prices, Utility Stores Corporation’s prices for common foods like flour, sugar, rice, and others are lower due the reason of working under the government control.

Who benefits the most from Utility Stores Corporation?

Utility Stores Corporation works with many types of people, such as low-income families and people who depend on government aid programmes like BISP.

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How government deal with the problems of high prices in Utility Stores?

The government could do things like control prices, give subsidies, or keep a closer eye on things to make sure that poor community can buy and get the food they need.


The prices of daily used items at Utility stores increased now, which is a big problem for beneficiaries of BISP who depend on these stores to buy the food they need every day. Basically, it should be very low in price because the poor of community of Pakistan would purchase every household items from thses stores. People who are facing the financial difficulties really need these basic rights to avail in low cost. It would create a lot of difficutlties that needs to be fixed right away by the government of Pakistan so it does not only effect the villages that are already having a hard time.

BISP Beneficiaries Buy Costly Food Items From Utility Stores in Future

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