Widows Cannot Join Benazir Program 2024 New Update

Widows Cannot Join Benazir Program 2024 New Update

The BISP Pakistan has updated another announcement that if any women who is widow but her family / household poverty score stands above the limit of PMT standard these widows cannot join Benazir program 2024. Everyone who is thinking that the widows possess any special concession then it means they are just given preference as per criteria but it does not mean that of you cannot fulfil on criteria then you never can join.

As per latest news update, the government of Pakistan, BISP department has confirmed that if you crossed the limit of PMT score points then you forget to register in BISP kafalat program further. As we know better that the Benazir Kafalat works for the poor community who have a specific poverty level which have been defined in the SOPs of BISP and NSER.

If you think, in such condition you can change your poverty score though which step then it may be difficult if they are wrong to understand your family information but if they are right on the way then you never can join this program by enforcing any outward force.

Special Concession For Widows in BISP Program:

All those women who are widows and they have no confirmed source of income then they are given preference rather than other women who have same situation. If you did not get the position inside the poverty score standard then it may possible you are dropped from the program during the initial process.

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If you think the government of Pakistan had announced to open offer for widows then you can show this evidence because the BISP always promised you whatever is possible to adopt.

BISP Widows Eligibility Criteria:

If you want to participate yourself into the BISP program, then you should follow the rules and criteria given in the SOPs. The Benazir Income Support Program always preferred the special people and dealt with the special criteria. They are given some relaxation in respect to other women but if you think you are completely bypassed and join in the program only a single criteria then it cannot be possible.

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Yes, you are given priority on the basis of special case in BISP program but you would also walk through the eligibility requirements. If you fulfill the criteria then you are registered in BISP program on priority basis.

Widows Age Limit For Benazir Program:

As per the Benazir Kafalat program, there is no such criteria to fulfillment of Benazir program in lieu of Age limit bars. Only a single case can be consider for ineligibility if any women is widow who is under 17 then government of Pakistan cannot allow her to join this program due to under age. Otherwise, you can easily join with special category in case of older age like more than 60 years.

The BISP program given special chance to those widow women whose age is more than 60 years. If you have crossed the limit then you are fall inside the Bazurg category in which you can easily join BISP program.

Special Concession For Widows in BISP Program

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