Punjab Bike Scheme Ended with Short Run Today

Punjab Bike Scheme Ended with Short Run Today

The Punjab government chose to cancel its plan after a short run to give away interest-free e-bikes, which was bad for Pakistan’s efforts to encourage eco-friendly transportation. Instead, they suggested giving people fuel-powered motorcycles and easy ways to pay for them. This choice was made because of worries that electric bike batteries are easy to steal and have a short range.

Why Was the E-bike Scheme Cancelled? At a meeting led by Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, it was decided that electric bikes are good for the earth but can’t be used right now because of problems with how they are made. Many people who were hoping for a cleaner way to get around are disappointed by this choice.

Punjab CM E-Bike Scheme 2024 Stopped Now

Health experts, such as Dr. Ayesha Amir, were worried about the health risks of fuel-powered bikes. They pointed out that diesel emissions can cause diseases like cancer and breathing problems. To cut down on air pollution, environmentalists stressed how important it was to quickly invest in electric public transport, especially in cities like Lahore. Rafay Alam, a legal expert, stressed how important it is for the government to take action to stop environmental damage.

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Challenges with Electric Vehicles The Marketing Manager for an electric motorcycle business, Hidayatur Rehman, talked about the problems that electric vehicles have to deal with. He talked about problems with battery technology and the lack of charging stations, stressing the need for a complete plan to support electric transportation.

Why did Punjab cancel the e-bike programme?

Concerns about electric bike batteries being stolen and their limited mileage led to the cancellation of the scheme.

How did Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz discuss electric bikes?

While acknowledging their environmental benefits, she stated that electric bikes aren’t practical at the moment.

Why did health professionals worry about fuel-powered bikes?

They highlighted the health risks associated with diesel emissions, including the potential for cancer and respiratory illnesses.

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Why did environmentalists advocate electrified public transport?

They emphasized the urgent need to improve air quality, especially in cities like Lahore, by transitioning to eco-friendly transportation options.

What electric vehicle issues did Hidayatur Rehman mention?

He discussed issues related to battery technology and the lack of charging infrastructure, emphasizing the need for comprehensive support for electric mobility.


Many people may have been upset when the e-bike programme was ended, but it had to be done because of real issues. Even so, there is still a big need for environmentally friendly transport options. The government needs to deal with these problems and look into other options that could work to encourage eco-friendly travel.

Punjab CM E-Bike Scheme 2024 Stopped Now

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