BISP Provides Jobs and Technical Education For Orphans

BISP Provides Jobs and Technical Education For Orphans

The Benazir Income Support Program has taken a big step to minimise poverty status and enhance socio-economic empowerment through MoU signed by the BISP and Newtech to empower orphans for providing education and jobs. The basic purpose of this memorandum is to provide best-quality technical and professional education to 1,000 orphans who truly belong to low-income families. After making them skilled and knowledgeable, this initiative not  only alleviates poverty but also creates best opportunities for job countrywide and internationally.

When MoU signed between the BISP and Newtech, it would be a great start for the strategic relationship that will definitely change the lives of young people whose future are seriously at risk. Apart of this, they want to provide technical skills which can secure their future in the competitive job market. It would be better to know the importance of technical education and skill development, which are playing vital role in breaking the circle of poverty.

BISP and Newtech Sign MoU To Empower Orphans for Education and Jobs

All the orphans are informed that the government of Pakistan is serious about their future and focuses on providing high-quality technical and career-based education which will fulfil their basic needs. The government wants to prepare them for the 1,000 orphans as per the level of competitive market standards and provide hands-on training. Then we will also ensure their readiness for getting a job when they finish their studies.

After the successful partnership, the BISP and Newtech are hopeful to make it easier for orphaned kids to find employment inside Pakistan or a foreign country. After teaching useful skills and knowledge, the initiative creates hope to give them an opportunity if they want to search for a job in Pakistan or abroad.

What is the Prime Requirement of MoU between BISP and Newtech?

The main purpose of this MoU is to provide high-quality technical and professional education for 1,000 orphan children from BISP-supported families. The peak of this MoU is to help poor people overcome the poverty scale by giving them the skills and information they need to find work both at home and abroad.

How does the partnership between BISP and Newtech benefit orphaned individuals?

After the signing of a partnership, all those individuals who have lost their parents will be able to receive technical and professional education programs that are basically designed to meet the current requirements.

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They will be prepared to find permanent jobs, which will improve their social and economic situations to fight with the prevailing inflation.

Who are the beneficiaries of this collaboration?

The prime motive of the collaboration is to provide benefits to the 1,000 orphans belonging to the families supported by BISP. The youth will have the opportunity to receive education and training that will improve their jobs status and empower them to minimise the poverty.

What types of education and training will be provided under the MoU?

The MoU focuses on providing top-quality technical and professional education that is mostly demanded in the current market.

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It includes practical hands-on training in various fields to ensure that beneficiaries are well-prepared for the job competition after the completion of their studies.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that BISP and Newtech signed is the biggest turning point to reduce poverty and youth empowerment. After the sharing of quality education and work, the initiative provides hope and opportunities for orphans to overcome poverty and create better futures for themselves and their families.

BISP and Newtech Sign MoU To Empower Orphans for Education and Jobs

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